What is Tunefish

Tunefish is a very tiny virtual analog synthesizer. It is developed to fit into about 10kb of compressed machine code while still producing an audio quality that can compete with commercial synthesizers. This site was created to make the VST/AU version of it available to the public. This plugin, unlike the version of TF which is used in 64k intros of our group Brain Control is of course larger, mainly because it has a UI and uses the excellent Juce framework for C++. (This is true for v4. v3 uses Qt and v2 uses the VSTGUI library.)

The synth is free but comes without any warranties. It is tested on Renoise but if you want to use it with different DAWs, please do so and let us know about your experience. Tunefish is an ongoing project under active development so if you have any comments or wishes, please let us know. Also, if you make some music with it or create soundbanks you're more than welcome to share them with us or on the Tunefish page at KVR Audio.


Tunefish v3.3 released!

May 20th, 2014

A new Tunefish v3 release is done and now it is finally cross platform just as v4 already is. The UI was rewritten to match the style of v4. Several bugs were also fixed.


  • Synth is now cross platform and has a new UI.
  • Saving an instrument caused the preset file to grow larger and larger due to appending instead of rewriting the contents.
  • Restore instrument button did not work.
  • Instrument count is now 1000.
  • ADSR1 will not cut the note if ADSR2 is still going.
  • Fixed Reverb width.

Tunefish v4.0.1 released!

May 5th, 2014

A patchrelease for Tunefish 4 was just finished. It fixes a series of bugs listed below. Thank you to everybody who helped testing. As a side note I should mention I am looking for people to help design the factory soundset for TF4, since this is still very small so far.


  • When using no ADSR, instruments were cut immediatelly resulting in plopping. This is fixed.
  • ADSR zero decay will no longer cause volume go up and cause things like reverb crashes or host going to mute.
  • Saving an instrument caused the preset file to grow larger and larger due to appending instead of rewriting the contents.
  • Restore instrument button did not work.
  • Instrument count is now 1000.
  • ADSR1 will not cut the note if ADSR2 is still going.
  • Fixed Reverb width.

Tunefish v4 final for Mac/Windows and beta for Linux is here!

Jan 18th, 2014

Thanks to many bugreports from people I could now finalize the Windows and Mac versions of Tunefish4. I can only assume it is stable by now since I do not get anymore mails ;) If you find more problems, don't hesitate to let me know. In the meantime here's now also the Linux version which is so far only tested by me on Ubuntu 13.10 where I also built it. Let me know if it works and especially test it on other distributions or Ubuntu versions if you can. Thanks for trying out Tunefish and I hope you will have fun using it!


  • Fixed crash in Mac version caused by validation
  • Fixed updating of instrument dropdown when instrument changes in host
  • Fixed Mac version so it runs on older processors
  • Added new presets (courtesy of J.Ruegg)

Tunefish v4 beta is out!

Jan 7th, 2014

The new version of Tunefish is finally out as beta for Windows and Mac as VST and Audio Unit. Please try it out and report errors and problems if you find them. Otherwise I hope you'll have much fun using it.

UPDATE: The Mac download was just updated because of some changes/fixes in the build process.


KVR One Synth Challenge - Tunefish v3.2 out! - v4 out soon

Dec 22nd, 2013

A big thank you goes to the One Synth Challenge organizers who in November held one of their monthly competitions with Tunefish v3. With the help of the many contributors to this competition, I could fix many bugs and add many community-created patches to the factory soundbank. I hope you will have fun playing around with that synth and stay tuned for the Tunefish v4 beta which will start in January.


Old Tunefish v2 version released, Tunefish v4 in production

Dec 20th, 2012

The previously unreleased version 2 was now released to the public. Additionally to that, I am currently working on the new TF4 and some last fixes to TF3 to make it final at last.


v3.1 RC released

Oct 15th, 2011

The release candidate for TF3.1 was just released. There are quite a number of changes:

  • Fixed bug in spline oscillator when using spline mode and 3 waypoints.
  • Implemented Spline control.
  • Implemented auto-offset for spline oscillator. manual offset parameter removed. it's no longer possible to create an un-balanced signal.
  • vastly improved unisono hit on CPU.
  • Got rid of many drop down boxes in favor of buttons.
  • Got rid of old knobs in favor of new ring scale buttons with value display.
  • Implemented manage dialog for easy managing of instruments.
  • Added pulse and noise waveforms to LFO


v3.1 Beta3 released

Sep 23rd, 2011

Since it was requested, I brought back the colored buttons and I also rearranged the UI to fit completely on smaller screens.


v3.1 Beta2 released

Sep 18th, 2011

A new beta version was released today. It fixes a crash bug in the unisono code and adds a new UI style that looks a bit more fancy now.


Site launched

Aug 23rd, 2011

Today the new site was launched to release Tunefish v3 to the public.


Who are we?

Tunefish is a project of demoscene group Brain Control. It was originally developed to acompany real time 3d animations with music, which are then presented at computer art festivals called demoparties. For more information about us visit our website.

Please donate

If you like Tunefish then please consider donating. Development of tunefish costs mainly time however there is also some money involved for paying software licenses and webserver. Any amount of money is appreciated and will go directly into further development of the synth.